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Pierce, K, Week 1

What's up bloggers! Starting off with an introduction my name is Kacie Pierce and I am currently enrolled at Elmira College as a first year. Here are some interesting facts about me: 
  • Three-sport scholar-athlete in high school
  • Continued my lacrosse career as goalie for Elmira College
  • Love to read
  • Traveled to six different countries 
  • Currently a major in Business, minor in Biology 

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This weeks guest speakers were a great experience and opportunity to learn how sports and entertainment ties into marketing. 

Our first guest speaker Mr. Matthew Hufnagle, a serial entrepreneur shared his success and key factors that go into the marketing industry. Here are some of the key take aways I gathered: 
  • The industry is Value Based
  • Social networking is key to success
  • The need to be creative 
  • Society lives in a world of "now" and in order to make a profit people need to have patients and learn that failure will only lead to more success
  • Highlighted on the idea of "Back to the Basics" 
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Transitioning into Wednesdays guest speaker Professor John Kelly, discussed his experience in the entertainment field and what role marketing portrays in entertainment such as movies, theaters and things of that aspect. Here are some key factors: 
  • How does entertainment relate to marketing from the actor standpoint? The need to market yourself
    • be able to sell your talent and ability
  • Four P's 
    • Product- entertainment, actors, mission statement 
    • Price- advertisements, ticket prices, hiring, rent, production costs
    • Promotion- ads, newspaper, email, discounts 
    • Place- theater, location of product 
  • Marketing environment- potential audience, proximity of competition, economy, media, local climate/attitudes
  • Internal Environment- mission/objectives
    • Market research and target market to achieve that mission or goal 
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Furthermore, on Friday, the class was able to experience the opportunity to visit the Clemens Center; a concert and theatre center. When arriving Karen Cromer;Executive Director of the Clemens Center, gave us a tour explaining the background and history of the Clemens Center. 
  • One of the oldest theatres left in Elmira
  • Survived the big flood
  • Redone in the 1970s, but efforts to try and keep all the original design
After the tour, Ms. Cromer explained how marketing relates to her occupation and the theatre. Since theatre is a dying past time, it is hard to bring in audience to sell the productions. This is where Ms. Cromer comes in and finds the right way to market the shows and make sure there is success in this industry. 
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Image Credit by Kacie Pierce

Overall this week has been a learning experience that has allowed only a small surface to be scratched into the marketing industry. Continuing on with the rest of the term is something I am looking forward to and can not wait to apply what I have learned into the workforce and my future success! 

For anyone interested in additional information on entertainment and media marketing feel free to check out this explanation video! 

Until next week! 
Kacie Pierce '21 

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