Monday, May 7, 2018

Serrano, J, Week 2

Taken by Joel Serrano III
       Hello it's me and welcome back to my blog! This week of class has been an interesting and experiential week of learning. We started the week off with two facilitators going over the readings in our text books while incorporating our views and thoughts on the reading as well as what we got out of it. As we went over the chapters and also gave real life examples and discussion questions on marketing in relation to advertisements on television and more. The class also talking about copyright laws and how they effect brands domestically and abroad as well as other issues that comes with copy right infringement. These facilitator presentations prepared the class for our experiential learning experience at the Corning Museum of Glass. 

         At Corning Museum of Glass we explored what the museum had to offer, with all its glass sculptures and glass from different periods in history. How glass is made has changed over time and the Corning Glass museum is a perfect display of what is has become. 

        Then off to the Glass studio we went, where we saw the making of glass and how the studio was used from a marketing standpoint how they rent out this space to gaffer's for commercial use or personal. This is a amazing asset to the glass museum where you can see glass, see glass made, and actually make glass. This is unique most museums aren't like this. As this is the most unique part of the brand, they also take glass shows on the go across the country and abroad. We also learned in relation to the reading when they go abroad they must make sure that there name and brand is copyrighted and there items/product are trademarked. Throughout our class we learned about trademarking and different methods of marketing and how media plays a important part in the advertising of brands like this. For the future of Corning museum of Glass is to find a way to reach the attention of millennials as they are the future of business. We further learned how marketing is done from this stand point of a museum and glass company, while also experiencing what they have to offer.

Taken by Joel Serrano III

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