Thursday, June 7, 2018

David K. WEEK 5

Hello everyone! This is my last blog for the course. This class has been filled with so many interesting learning experiences. It really has made me excited to continue with marketing! Monday and Tuesday were relaxing days Mr. Hurdle came in and discussed communications and marketing. Matthew Hufnagel returned to talk more about the arena business and how he gets shows. Both presenters were very nice and I was able to learn valuable information that relates to marketing for the future. On Thursday we went to the first day of the 2300 degrees festival at the Corning Museum of Glass. It was very cool to see all of the people from all over who attended the event. Throughout the week Jacob, Jameson, Frank and I worked on our case project. We worked diligently and I thought our final work was very good. This course was awesome and I am so glad that I enrolled in it! Thank you Professor Wolfe for the amazing learning experiences! Below are some awesome pictures that include Watkins Glen International, Manhattan, and Food and Sports in Buffalo, NY!

David K. WEEK 4

Welcome to week 4 of my blog! The week started with several facilitators to begin to wrap up the three books for the course. After that there were three exciting and experiential learning experiences! It began with a trip to Community Broadcasters located in Elmira! They run several radio stations locally. I never knew how much marketing goes into the radio and it was very interesting! Once again, this experience has widened my view on marketing. The process of getting companies to advertise within their stations is very complex but he did a very good job in explaining it.

The next highlight was visiting WETM-TV in Elmira, New York! It is a local television station, and an NBC affiliate. They have recieved many awards as a television station, and it was very cool to see how a smaller station operates. Compared the the NBC studios in New York city. They had similar rooms and areas of business. We got to look behind the scenes and even go onto the green screen.
Taken by: Professor Wolfe

The next highlight was visiting Tioga Downs Casino and Resort. The casino business is very interesting and relies heavily on marketing. Tioga Downs has so many events going on all the time and it is important for the marketing team to stay on top, in order to bring in more people! It was also very cool to hear that the owner cares a lot about the community, as well as family. So, they do a lot of family oriented events to keep it welcoming and fresh! This was a very cool experience and I hope to go back!
Taken by: Professor Wolfe

David K week 3

Welcome to week 3 of my blog. This week was filled with great experiential learning experiences and learning opportunities. The first highlight of the week was visiting Big Spaceship in Brooklyn, New York. They are an independent advertising firm that works with major companies and helps them promote and market to consumers. We met with and Elmira College alumni which was very cool to know that they truly are everywhere. Big Spaceship was very cool and different from most advertising firms in the city, but it was very helpful to see how a smaller company uses marketing and other business strategies! After that we headed to Manhattan!

In Manhattan we went to Rockefellar Plaza, which is where the headquarters of NBC stands. This was a very cool experience by being inside one of the biggest media and communications company. We got to see working studios where they hold live television shows like Seth Meyers. They took us behind the scenes as well to see the control rooms which was very cool to be able to see. The coolest part was that people were working during our tour. After NBC studios we were able to walk around the city for some time, it was very busy and crowded!

The next highlight of the week was traveling to Rochester, New York where we went to Tipping Point Communications another advertising and marketing firm. It was not as laid back as Big Spaceship but they were very welcoming! It was interesting to see how a company of that size work. We met with one of the owning partners of the business and she gave  very good advice. We also spoke with Todd who is the head of social media marketing for tipping point and he was very cool. Social media is growing and businesses need to utilize it for them to keep up because more and more people are connected with it!

Taken by: Professor Wolfe

After our visit to Rochester we continued up to Buffalo, New York (it was cold) and went arrived at Key Bank Arena home of the Buffalo Sabres, and the Buffalo Bandits. They also hold major events and concerts! This was one of the coolest experiences being able to get an inside look on sports marketing. They mentioned how the Sabres had a tough year, so they needed to execute different and strategic ways to market the team! This was the highlight of my week! It got me a lot more interested in sports marketing! Before we headed home we make a quick stop to Canandaigua athe the newly transformed New York Kitchen. They had free sandwhiches and they very so good, I ate three of them!
Taken by: Professor Wolfe

David K. Week 2

Hello all welcome to week 2 of my blog! This week was full of exciting and interesting events. We had guest presenters, field trips, and facilitators throughout the week. The first highlight of the week that I will discuss was Mr. Paul Burke's presentation. He is from Corning Incorporated and he is a senior IP counsel in their law department. He talked about important aspects that are including in the marketing aspect of a major company like Corning Incorporated. For example, when they need to advertise a new product it costs a lot of money due to the trademarks, and copyrights. These topics are discussed heavily throughout Mark Vinet's Entertainment Industry. His presentation was very interesting and he mentioned some events that related to sports markering which was very cool. Next, I will talk about my experience at the Corning Museum of Glass!

I was very excited for this field trip, because I have never been to this world renowned museum. We got to speak to Robery Cassetti who is one of the head marketers for the museum, and head of visitor engagement. He talked about consumer behavior strategies and how the museum implements them to bring in more people. Mr. Cassetti mentioned how it took a long time before the museum got widely popular and it took creative, and out of the box thinking before they saw a rise in numbers. Personally I find musems very interesting especially the marketing aspect because they have so many other things to compete with. Mr. Cassetti also mentioned how the museum became more kid friendly which was a very strategic marketing practice. Overall, this week was very fun and I cannot wait for the other presenters and field trips. My favorite part of the week was visiting the museum and seeing the glass blowing exibition!

Taken by: Professor Wolfe

Monday, May 28, 2018

Pierce, Kacie, Week 5

Hello bloggers! This past week was the last week of our class, crazy how quick it went by. Just to wrap up the past weeks and this week, I am doing one last blog to give a closing to this eye-opening class. 

On Monday, May 21st, we had guest speaker Mr. Philip Hurdle come in and then on Tuesday May 22nd, Mr. Matthew Hufnagel was kind enough to come back and speak. Both of these presentations were more of a relaxed and Q&A situation. This was very interesting because both of the guest presenters gave their life experiences and professional opinions. By gaining that side of information, it allows for me to gain what we are learning in the class and apply that to what actual professionals are doing.  
Image Credit by Kacie Pierce
We then were lucky enough to be invited to the Corning Museum of Glass 2300 degrees event. Here there was food and drinks, along with free touring of the museum and a glass show to demonstrate the art of making glass. 
Image Credit by Kacie Pierce
On days that we did not have class, were dedicated to working on our case presentation project. This was a project that each group was given a case study and have to identify the problem and give solutions. My group consisted of Caroline Gilliam, Marissa Olsen, and Kyra McDonald. We discussed on how Nike could expand on their marketing plan to reach a more wider demographic. Below is a video that we created to demonstrate a marketing plan Nike could do by pairing with GE. 

For now I am signing off! Thank you for this great term and hope all is well in the future! 

Kacie Pierce '21

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jerolman, M. Week 5

Hello bloggers welcome to my final blog this term!!! 
We had a wonderful last week working on our projects, talking to guest speakers and celebrating at corning glass museum. For my last blog I just wanted to post some pictures instead of reading so much!

On Monday we had guest speaker Philip Hurdle, who is a retired professor from Elmira College. He came and talked about content marketing and what makes it so important.

On Thursday we went and celebrated our class at corning glass museum and got to see how absolutely beautiful it is and how they melt glass! 

I loved this class and wouldn't change anything about it!!!
-Maddy J

Melvin, K, Week 5

Hi all, welcome to my final blog post ever for MKT3915! This term flew by with all of the field trips that we took as a class!

For our final week we had 2 guest speakers come in and speak to us. Philip H. started off the week. He is a former professor at Elmira college. He spoke about content marketing. A couple important things he touched base on was:

  • Traditional marketing now less and less effective. Read newspapers & magazines? Watch Network TV?
  • “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience-and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”

On Tuesday we had a Mr. Huffnagle come back and talk more to us about his success. He showed us a spread sheet on how he books shows and concerts.

To end to class, we headed to Corning Museum of Glass for a celebration. Here there was a lovely event that was taking place that offered many different forms of marketing. The company strategically placed food and drinks in different areas of the museum to encourage visitors to explore the different parts.
Photos taken by me
Thank you for viewing and keeping up with my weekly blogs hope you enjoyed!!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hertto T, Corning Museum Of Glass, Week 5

WOW! The term is over! That was so fast, full of fun adventures and school work and some time with friends. Overall was a great term and the last day we went to the Corning Museum of Glass to celebrate. They were hosting one of the annual events, 2300 degrees. The event was a wonderful time. Again, another place that I have not been to. I had a blast, and loved seeing glass making. I could seriously watch that for hours. Not to mention, the chicken sandwich was to die for! The jewelry and beautiful glass pieces were so fun to see. Some pieces of glass were by a famous Finnish glass maker so that was very heart warming to see, as I am from Finland. I look forward to going back sometime next year again!
Corning Museum of Glass. SO MODERN!

Hertto, T. Tioga Downs Casino, Week 4, WETM-TV

As a hospitality major going to the Tioga Downs Casino was pretty cool and informative. It was fun to see how their hotel operates as well as the other functions that they provide. It is always important to see the way that other companies operate and look for potential take aways along with things that you might change. I loved speaking with the marketing team and listening to their feedback as well. I look forward to possibly going to the Casino part too! Well, when I turn 21...

Tioga Downs Casino

WETM-TV broadcasting was pretty cool too! It was cool to see the stage that news broadcasters sit at and tell the news. The green screen was of course my favorite part. It was fun to goof around on it and pretend that you are on tv, I wish I wore green! I was told that if I did only my face would show, that would have been hilarious. That may have been a once in a lifetime experience, at least for now. I have never thought that I would be inside a station like that so I am very thankful of the opportunity that I was given!

Hertto, T. New York City, Week 3, Watkins Glen International

This week was crazy! In a good way...

My class went all over New York, to places that I have never been.

Me in NYC!

We visited NBC which was unreal to see all of the stages and where the magic happens. I have never been there before so I loved that we had two hours after the events to walk around and explore. I was unfortunately on crutches due to a fractured ankle so I jumped around a little slower than everyone but it was still and extremely memorable time. I learned a lot from this trip and I cannot wait to hopefully get the opportunity to visit again!

Friday, that same week the class also went to Watkins Glenn International which is a racetrack in Watkins Glenn. I am a little embarrassed to say that I have never been to that race track and actually have not even heard of it. Therefore I am incredibly thankful that I got the opportunity to go and see all the unreal race cars there. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a race car driver so this was incredible. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Mattice, J

Hello and welcome to my last term III blog. During our fourth week of this course we had a multiple presenters, and a couple of class trips.

Monday we started out with 3 in-class facilitators. They did a fantastic job of helping us understand the assigned readings. It was a good start to went ended up being a very eventful week

Tuesday we went to Community Broadcasters where we were able to get a tour of the radio station. We were also given a presentation which helped describe how they market and get companies to advertise through their stations.

Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
 Wednesday we had another field trip, this time to WETM-TV in Elmira. There we were also given a behind the scenes tour. We also were able to hear about how companies buy advertisement slots, and what the company has to do if there is overlap with commercials. Another thing we found out is how the station has to bump things back or to another day if something runs over.
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
Thursday we went to the Tioga Downs Casino. It was a wonderful experience and we were able to find out how a Casino is run from a marketing standpoint. It was interesting to hear how they make sure to use the entire property. I also liked how the owner makes sure to give back to the community. 
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
We wrapped up Friday with our final facilitators. It was a good day to end the week as it helped tie everything we did throughout the week back to the marketing class. The facilitators also allowed for us to discuss all of the books and expand on the ideas in them.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stamp, B., Week 5, Bonus Blog Post

I have decided an additional bonus blog post!
This Term-3 class has been an incredibly enriching experience. If I hadn't enrolled in this class, I would have never been exposed to entertainment marketing environments such as casinos or professional sports teams. I am very thankful that professor Wolfe gave us this opportunity. 

In the final week of the class, we had two guest speakers. One was a former Elmira College marketing professor and the other was an event promoter that had spoken earlier in the term. This time the sports promoter had a very candid discussion about how to become prosperous in life and gave us several tips on real estate investing. Additionally, expressed his feelings on what he considers to good or bad debt. 

I have grown a lot as a person during my time here at Elmira and this class has contributed to that. 

-Brian Stamp

Smith, B, Week 4

Hello and welcome back to my fourth blog! What an exciting week of class we had this past week. With 7 facilitators total and 3 more field trips.

Monday, we had 3 facilitators, who all did an awesome job of covering their sections in all 3 of the books. Leaving us with a lot of valuable information.

Tuesday we had the pleasure of going to Community Broadcasters right here in Elmira. Here we learned about how radio stations work, what they do to really give their stations an edge over their competitors, and we even got a tour of the building and got to see the broadcasting rooms which was pretty neat.
Image taken by Professor Wolfe
The next day we another awesome trip as our class got to go to WETM-TV. This was very cool being able to learn about the local news and what they do. They actually do a lot for local businesses as well by opening the public up to the their businesses. We got a tour of their workplace and even got to go on their news set and see the green screen and how that works which was very fun.

Thursday, we went to Tioga Downs Casino. I had never been to a casino before this, so it was pretty cool to me seeing how extravagant and vibrant everything was there. There was so much to the casino that went into it to make it an attractive place to go. Many of the events they do there sounded very fun and it seemed they had specific events just for certain target markets like age groups. Overall the casino was awesome and all the people who talked to us there were very nice and had a lot of useful information for us! 
Image taken by Professor Wolfe
We finished off the week with 4 facilitators including myself. I believe my classmates and I all did a very good job covering what we were supposed and did a good job finishing off the year as the last facilitators.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cuffee, H, Week 4

Welcome to Week 4!
This week, we had lots of student presenters and we had 3 field trips. 

To begin our week, we had 3 presenters in class. One section that I enjoyed the most was section in our "Why We Play" book that talked about how the Olympics can be used as a great marketing place for marketers to get their name out there. The book states, "The Olympics are a multi-billion dollar industry for marketers. It is a huge opportunity for companies to get face value and face time with potential customers, or acquire new customers through new sponsorship deals with athletes" (Sharara, 2017, pp. 103-104). I thought this was interesting because of the impact that a Tide Olympics commercial had on me about 6 years ago. They had a commercial where they were playing Justin Bieber and they had notable athletes talking about their mothers and how their mothers were very impactful in their success. 
On Wednesday, we met with Lisa S, the Integrated Digital Specialist at WETM-TV. WETM-TV is the NBC-Affiliate in the Elmira area. While we were here, we talked about the process of how many companies can buy slots and can have their commercials aired on their television network. We also got a tour of the control rooms, where they make sure that people can see and hear the television programs and we also got the chance to check out the green screen where meteorologists give the weather reports!
On Thursday, we went to Tioga Downs Resort and Casino. Tioga Downs is receiving lots of money from Governor Cuomo, and they have many slot machines and other entertainment for their guests. With their fancy hotel rooms, reasonable priced buffet, and variety of live entertainment, Tioga Downs uses lots of social media marketing to get their company advertised throughout the State of New York. Along with social media, they hand out lots of pamphlets and brochures, and places these print versions of marketing around neighboring stores. 
On Friday, we had our last 3 students present in class. One thing that was discussed in our class that really stuck out to me was the quote in our "Why We Play" book that talked about Tom Brady. The quote was "Tom Brady is not an athlete by success - he worked extremely hard to get where he is today" (Sharara, 2017, pp 50-51). I like this quote because it shows that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Tom Brady was drafted 199th overall in the NFL Draft and now he is the best quarterback in the NFL. I can relate to this quote because my freshman year I was cut from the college basketball team. However, I proved my coach wrong that I deserved to play college basketball. Now, just this past season for my junior year, I was the team's leading scorer, rebounder, and shot blocker. 

I had a blast this past week in this class, now there's only one more week until it's time for summer!

Until next week, 
Henry Cuffee III '19

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gillam, C, Week 4

Welcome back to week 4 everyone! 

Can't believe this will be my last blog for entertainment, media, & sports marketing. The past four weeks have flown by!

Week four has been filled with lots of experiential learning experiences. We went on three field trips and had seven presenters. 

Picture Credit: Myself

To start our week off, we had the chance to visit Community Broadcasters here in Elmira. We had the opportunity to meet with Bruce, who oversees the sales department. He gave us a presentation on radio marketing and what he does on a daily basis. Bruce stated that there are three important steps when having a company sign with Community Broadcasters: this includes sending “warm letters,” phone calls and then end with a walk into your clients offices. Community Broadcasters has five radio stations: Wink 106, Wingz 104.9, The Wolf 100.9, WWLZ 101.3/820, and classic country 1490. They are the top radio studio in the Twin Tiers. They nearly double the next closest group in the rankings.

Picture Credit: Myself

“Your clients success is your success.” - Bruce

Picture credit: Myself
On Wednesday we had the opportunity to visit the WETM-TV station. WETM-TV is located in Elmira and they have over 200 channels throughout the country. When we first arrived we met a lady named Lisa and she gave us a tour of WETM. First, she brought us the to the sales department section and she explained what exactly they are responsible for. The sales department people travel to various places, selling commercials to companies. We then made our way to the controlling room. Throughout our time in here, Lisa discussed what the various computers and controlling keys are for and what the director is responsible for. Our final stop on our tour was the studio room. This is where they record the news everyday. Lisa was even nice enough to show us the green screen and how the meteorologist needs to know certain techniques when being filmed.

"The ultimate goal is to make clients happy with the commercials we create." - Lisa

To end our week, we had three people facilitate on Friday. Throughout the presentations we learned about the theater industry, the global entertainment marketplace, how people can doubt your abilities (EX: Tom Brady), today’s world and the impact entertainment has had on us, travel/tourism, resorts/technology, and lastly Under Armour’s “I will what I want campaign.” All four presenters did a great job today facilitating today.

This week was filled with many experiential learning experiences! I have throughly enjoyed this class and writing a blog each week helped to make this class so special!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Stamp, B., Week 4

Welcome to the last installment of my term 3 blog! 
On the forth week of our Media, Entertainment, and Sports Marketing class we journeyed to Community Broadcasters LLC., WETM 18 News, and Tioga Downs Casino Resort. 

At Community Broadcasters LLC. the class was able to tour a regional radio station. The sales manager of the organization described the methods used to explain the value of radio marketing to clients. 
Photo Credit: Myself

We were even able to see some of the studios!

On Wednesday, we went to WETM 18 News in Elmira, New York. We actually walked all the way there from campus. Once we arrived, we were educated on the sales side of television broadcasting. It was learned that television broadcast companies such as WETM live and die by their ratings, because that is the metric used to determine the cost of advertising. 
Photo Credit: Myself

Our last big field trip occurred on May 17th at Tioga Downs Casino Resort. There we met with the marketing team who described the tactics that they use to attain customers. The facility was massive and luxurious. It was incredible to learn how the company manages the casino floor, multiple restaurants, and a large horse racing track. 

Photo Credit: Myself

The casino brands itself as the "gateway to the Finger Lakes". As a result, they have integrated Finger  Lakes wine, blown glass from Corning, and even a map of the Finger Lakes region into the motif.

Photo Credit: Myself

Brian Stamp signing off....

Serrano, J, Week 4

Hello it's me again, and this week our class we had gone to Community Broadcasters, WETM-TV and Tioga Downs Casino, and in all these places we had gotten to see how marketing strategies are utilized from different angels. Yet everyone seems to have similar issues with trying to reach a younger audience. At these three places we had seen these techniques in effect and there all unique to there specific company.

At Tioga Downs Casino there technique was to send out free plays to get people in the door, they have done similar things with events designed to get people through the door so they can start spending money. Its all about getting heads in the door to help improve money, marketing is how this is done through there resort and restaurants as well as the horse races this is all different areas of revenue that helps them bring money in. I thought this was an amazing trip to go on to see that there are many different factors and different ways to market something.

McDonald, K, Week 4

Hello and welcome back to my blog for the fourth week! Thank you so much for tuning in every week to hear about our adventures. Last week was another busy one with three different experiential learning trips here locally around the Southern Tier. On Tuesday we ventured a little north of campus and visited Community Broadcasters, LLC. On Wednesday we walked south of campus to WETM TV. And on Thursday we took a bus over to Nichols, New York to visit Tioga Downs Casino Resort. We finished the week by hearing from a few facilitators about our course books on Friday. This week concluded our experiential learning trips except for a end of year celebration we will be attending at the Corning Museum of Glass this Thursday, but that's for next week's blog!

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald

Our first stop this week was at Community Broadcasters, LLC which is home to several of the local radio stations such as 100.9 The Wolf and Wink 106. We learned about their marketing processes from Bruce S. who works in the sales department there. We were also given a tour and were able to see the studios in which the radio shows are recorded. This trip was particularly interesting for me because radio is not something people really think about as marketing-heavy, but it clearly is and it was fun to learn about it in that way. When we walked down to WETM TV the next day, it was another day focused on media marketing. We were again given a tour and we talked with Lisa about how WETM TV makes money which is solely from selling advertisements. This means the sales department is extremely important and they have to do their job in order for the whole company to run smoothly. Although I do not watch WETM TV and their news, I watch many other TV channels, so again it was interesting to learn about the marketing side of something that I watch almost everyday, TV.

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald
Our final experiential learning trip for the week was over at Tioga Downs Casino Resort. Although we weren't allowed on the Casino floor, it was still a very cool trip. We met with a number of people that work in marketing and human resources at the Casino Resort. Christina L. and Jim W. met with us and talked to us about marketing, and after them, Michelle J. and Karen S. came in and spoke with us about their work on the HR side of things. After the talks, we were shown around the facilities, including out near the horse race track. It was interesting to learn about how the Casino has turned itself into a Resort and is hoping to bring in customers from both in and out of town as they market themselves as a "gateway to the finger lakes." 

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald
The week ended by hearing from several facilitators as we finished the last few sections of our course books. These sections focused on sports marketing, sponsorships, entertainment marketing, theater, travel and tourism, fashion, art, and merchandising. They were all interesting and each different part gave a good look at all the different parts of this course. We have covered everything from theater and performing arts marketing to sports marketing and ad campaigns. These books have allowed us to deepen our understanding of these topics in a way we wouldn't be able to solely with lectures and field trips. 

This week was another great one in the life of an Entertainment, Media, and Sports Marketing student. The readings aligned well with our experiential learning trips and it made them that much more exciting and informative. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given through this course, and I can't wait to see how we finish the term off next week. See ya then! Ciao!

David K. WEEK 5

Hello everyone! This is my last blog for the course. This class has been filled with so many interesting learning experiences. It really has...