Monday, May 21, 2018

Stamp, B., Week 4

Welcome to the last installment of my term 3 blog! 
On the forth week of our Media, Entertainment, and Sports Marketing class we journeyed to Community Broadcasters LLC., WETM 18 News, and Tioga Downs Casino Resort. 

At Community Broadcasters LLC. the class was able to tour a regional radio station. The sales manager of the organization described the methods used to explain the value of radio marketing to clients. 
Photo Credit: Myself

We were even able to see some of the studios!

On Wednesday, we went to WETM 18 News in Elmira, New York. We actually walked all the way there from campus. Once we arrived, we were educated on the sales side of television broadcasting. It was learned that television broadcast companies such as WETM live and die by their ratings, because that is the metric used to determine the cost of advertising. 
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Our last big field trip occurred on May 17th at Tioga Downs Casino Resort. There we met with the marketing team who described the tactics that they use to attain customers. The facility was massive and luxurious. It was incredible to learn how the company manages the casino floor, multiple restaurants, and a large horse racing track. 

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The casino brands itself as the "gateway to the Finger Lakes". As a result, they have integrated Finger  Lakes wine, blown glass from Corning, and even a map of the Finger Lakes region into the motif.

Photo Credit: Myself

Brian Stamp signing off....

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