Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gillam, C, Week 4

Welcome back to week 4 everyone! 

Can't believe this will be my last blog for entertainment, media, & sports marketing. The past four weeks have flown by!

Week four has been filled with lots of experiential learning experiences. We went on three field trips and had seven presenters. 

Picture Credit: Myself

To start our week off, we had the chance to visit Community Broadcasters here in Elmira. We had the opportunity to meet with Bruce, who oversees the sales department. He gave us a presentation on radio marketing and what he does on a daily basis. Bruce stated that there are three important steps when having a company sign with Community Broadcasters: this includes sending “warm letters,” phone calls and then end with a walk into your clients offices. Community Broadcasters has five radio stations: Wink 106, Wingz 104.9, The Wolf 100.9, WWLZ 101.3/820, and classic country 1490. They are the top radio studio in the Twin Tiers. They nearly double the next closest group in the rankings.

Picture Credit: Myself

“Your clients success is your success.” - Bruce

Picture credit: Myself
On Wednesday we had the opportunity to visit the WETM-TV station. WETM-TV is located in Elmira and they have over 200 channels throughout the country. When we first arrived we met a lady named Lisa and she gave us a tour of WETM. First, she brought us the to the sales department section and she explained what exactly they are responsible for. The sales department people travel to various places, selling commercials to companies. We then made our way to the controlling room. Throughout our time in here, Lisa discussed what the various computers and controlling keys are for and what the director is responsible for. Our final stop on our tour was the studio room. This is where they record the news everyday. Lisa was even nice enough to show us the green screen and how the meteorologist needs to know certain techniques when being filmed.

"The ultimate goal is to make clients happy with the commercials we create." - Lisa

To end our week, we had three people facilitate on Friday. Throughout the presentations we learned about the theater industry, the global entertainment marketplace, how people can doubt your abilities (EX: Tom Brady), today’s world and the impact entertainment has had on us, travel/tourism, resorts/technology, and lastly Under Armour’s “I will what I want campaign.” All four presenters did a great job today facilitating today.

This week was filled with many experiential learning experiences! I have throughly enjoyed this class and writing a blog each week helped to make this class so special!

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