Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cuffee, H, Week 4

Welcome to Week 4!
This week, we had lots of student presenters and we had 3 field trips. 

To begin our week, we had 3 presenters in class. One section that I enjoyed the most was section in our "Why We Play" book that talked about how the Olympics can be used as a great marketing place for marketers to get their name out there. The book states, "The Olympics are a multi-billion dollar industry for marketers. It is a huge opportunity for companies to get face value and face time with potential customers, or acquire new customers through new sponsorship deals with athletes" (Sharara, 2017, pp. 103-104). I thought this was interesting because of the impact that a Tide Olympics commercial had on me about 6 years ago. They had a commercial where they were playing Justin Bieber and they had notable athletes talking about their mothers and how their mothers were very impactful in their success. 
On Wednesday, we met with Lisa S, the Integrated Digital Specialist at WETM-TV. WETM-TV is the NBC-Affiliate in the Elmira area. While we were here, we talked about the process of how many companies can buy slots and can have their commercials aired on their television network. We also got a tour of the control rooms, where they make sure that people can see and hear the television programs and we also got the chance to check out the green screen where meteorologists give the weather reports!
On Thursday, we went to Tioga Downs Resort and Casino. Tioga Downs is receiving lots of money from Governor Cuomo, and they have many slot machines and other entertainment for their guests. With their fancy hotel rooms, reasonable priced buffet, and variety of live entertainment, Tioga Downs uses lots of social media marketing to get their company advertised throughout the State of New York. Along with social media, they hand out lots of pamphlets and brochures, and places these print versions of marketing around neighboring stores. 
On Friday, we had our last 3 students present in class. One thing that was discussed in our class that really stuck out to me was the quote in our "Why We Play" book that talked about Tom Brady. The quote was "Tom Brady is not an athlete by success - he worked extremely hard to get where he is today" (Sharara, 2017, pp 50-51). I like this quote because it shows that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Tom Brady was drafted 199th overall in the NFL Draft and now he is the best quarterback in the NFL. I can relate to this quote because my freshman year I was cut from the college basketball team. However, I proved my coach wrong that I deserved to play college basketball. Now, just this past season for my junior year, I was the team's leading scorer, rebounder, and shot blocker. 

I had a blast this past week in this class, now there's only one more week until it's time for summer!

Until next week, 
Henry Cuffee III '19

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