Thursday, May 24, 2018

Smith, B, Week 4

Hello and welcome back to my fourth blog! What an exciting week of class we had this past week. With 7 facilitators total and 3 more field trips.

Monday, we had 3 facilitators, who all did an awesome job of covering their sections in all 3 of the books. Leaving us with a lot of valuable information.

Tuesday we had the pleasure of going to Community Broadcasters right here in Elmira. Here we learned about how radio stations work, what they do to really give their stations an edge over their competitors, and we even got a tour of the building and got to see the broadcasting rooms which was pretty neat.
Image taken by Professor Wolfe
The next day we another awesome trip as our class got to go to WETM-TV. This was very cool being able to learn about the local news and what they do. They actually do a lot for local businesses as well by opening the public up to the their businesses. We got a tour of their workplace and even got to go on their news set and see the green screen and how that works which was very fun.

Thursday, we went to Tioga Downs Casino. I had never been to a casino before this, so it was pretty cool to me seeing how extravagant and vibrant everything was there. There was so much to the casino that went into it to make it an attractive place to go. Many of the events they do there sounded very fun and it seemed they had specific events just for certain target markets like age groups. Overall the casino was awesome and all the people who talked to us there were very nice and had a lot of useful information for us! 
Image taken by Professor Wolfe
We finished off the week with 4 facilitators including myself. I believe my classmates and I all did a very good job covering what we were supposed and did a good job finishing off the year as the last facilitators.

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