Monday, May 7, 2018

Olsen, M, Week 2

Welcome back for week 2!

This week we had facilitator reports on the readings, a guest speaker, and a field trip. 

The guest speaker that we had the honor of having him come speak with us was Paul B., J.D., Intellectual Property Counsel. Within his presentation he taught us briefly about Trademarks, Entertainment and Copyright Laws, and the different factors that go along with each. What I found to be very fascinating that Paul B. said was that at Corning, they wanted to use a 30 second clip of the song, “Move it Move it,” from the movie Madagascar for an internal presentation and they had to pay $25,000 for it! I thought that was baffling because it was never going to be shown to the public and it was only 30 seconds! 

   “You have to claim it as yours, or someone else will take it!” – Paul Burke

The field trip that we went on was to the Corning Museum of Glass! We started off this trip with having a quick tour through the "35 Centuries Of Glass Galleries" where we saw such beautiful pieces of glass from centuries ago! 
Image Credit: Myself

After, we went to a hot glass demo where we watched a live narrated glassblowing demonstration which was absolutely incredible! We watched the master glassmaker take glowing gobs of molten glass on the end of a pipe and skillfully shape it into a beautiful masterpiece. After that we proceeded with our tour of the museum and we saw the "Contemporary Glass Gallery." Within this gallery there were very modern and abstract sculptures made from glass. I found these sculptures to be very appealing to me because they were very modern and unique. Next, we were able to decorate a glass that was then sandblasted as a gift to take home! That was very enjoyable because we got a little souvenir to take home with us!
Image Credit: Myself

At the end of our trip, we spoke with Mr. 
Robert C. who is the Senior Director of Creative Strategy and Visitor Engagement. In his presentation, he spoke to us about what Corning Museum has done over the years to keep visitors coming. He spoke about how there was a steady decline in visitation over 20 years and how the museum went under a massive 5 year renovation but that did not change any of their numbers. However, they started a program called 2300°which drastically helped to deliver the numbers they needed and to reshape the perception of the museum! I really enjoyed this field trip and I feel extremely lucky that I was able to attend and learn such valuable information.
Image Credit: Professor Wolfe

During the week in class, we had students who spoke about their assigned readings from the three books. The most interesting part of the whole week from the readings in my opinion was when we spoke about marketing a movie. 
Within the book, The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing, by Lieberman and Esgate, pages 51-63 the student's discussion question was "Can there ever be too much marketing or advertising for a movie?" I found this to be an interesting point because I have encountered instances where some movie's previews reveal too much information (all of the good parts) and have commercials and ads constantly. On the other hand, I have also seen movies that barely have any advertising and are "Playing Now" but I had no clue they were even "Coming Soon, to a Theater Near You!"

I can't wait for this upcoming week and the rest of this term!

Thanks for reading,

Marissa Olsen :)

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