Monday, May 7, 2018

Smith, B, Week 2

Hello everybody and welcome to my week 2 blog! This week we had another week of great experiences from guest speakers, class facilitators, and we even got to go to the Corning Museum of glass.

While at the museum we saw many amazing glass creations, i also learned that this museum is a huge hot spot for tourists in the state of New York which i did not know before. Along with that, we got to see a glass show, and we also had the pleasure of meeting and getting the chance to talk to Rob C. He gave us the in and outs of marketing for the Corning museum of glass and even told us some cool stories. To me the most interesting thing he talked to us about was getting the Corning glass show put on a cruise. They came up with a new design where fire wasn't used and the glass show since then has been on this cruise full-time.

Image credit: Professor Wolfe
On Thursday, Paul B came to speak with us about trademarks and patents. This was very interesting learning about laws within companies and brands territories. Prior to this I had heard of trademarks but did not know what they actually were. After this presentation by Paul B, I came to understand that a trademark is, it is defined as a name, symbol, or device that a person has used to distinguish his or her goods, or including a unique product. Along with learning about trademarks, Paul talked to us about many copyright and more trademark laws. All of this was very useful information that I had not known prior to this. 

With that being said, each week so far has been full of very amazing experiences and opportunities to learn. I am very excited for the weeks to come and what they will bring.

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