Monday, May 7, 2018

Rosen, A, Week 2

Hello everyone and welcome to my second blog post for MKT 3915, Entertainment, Media, and Sports Marketing: An Experiential Learning Experience!

Our second week of class was full of new and interesting learning experiences. With our assigned readings for the week focusing on copyright and patent law in the sports and entertainment industry, Professor Wolfe brought in a guest speaker, Paul B, who specializes in intellectual property law. Paul B. has been working in intellectual property law for over 30 years and has, in his own words, "seen it all." He had an extremely informative presentation for us that was not only easy to follow but was extremely interesting as well. Since our class is mostly comprised of athletes or students interested in sports, Paul B. spoke at length about how important copyright and trademark are in the world of sports. We had a class discussion about a couple of sports-related IP cases and I came away from our conversation with a greater appreciation for the rigorous process teams and companies go through every year to protect their business.

Image Credit: Professor Wolfe

Before we listened to Paul B's presentation, we took a trip to the local Corning Museum of Glass. Although I've heard amazing things about the museum, this was my first visit and I was extremely impressed. I think it's admittedly hard for college-aged students to get excited about spending a day at a museum, but the Corning Museum of Glass is vastly different from any other I've visited. It's certainly geared toward a younger audience, and that was confirmed in our talk with Robert C. after our tour. Robert C. talked to us about the trials and tribulations the museum faced a number of years ago in trying to get people to the museum. He graduated with a degree in art but found his way into marketing, and like he said, "I've been here ever since!" Marketing is a challenge for almost every brand and company, and we saw that firsthand in Robert C's presentation. I was really impressed with some of the ideas and tactics Robert's used, especially letting kids under 17 in for free, to get more people in the door in Corning. I really enjoyed the glass artwork throughout the museum and took some pictures of my favorite works, which you can see below! 

Image Credit: Myself

Image Credit: Myself

Image Credit: Myself

Image Credit: Myself
Finally, we had three full days of book club facilitations. Six classmates had to make a presentation, as well as a handout, based on their assigned readings in each of our three textbooks to present to the class. I was really impressed with every single presentation, and I even picked up a couple ideas for my own presentation. My favorite part of the facilitations was the class discussions that arose from each presentation. I really enjoyed hearing different points of view on some of the interesting discussion questions, such as whether music artists should have agents.

I'm really looking forward to our third week of class, as we have three experinital learning experiences on tap, as well as an off day! Be sure to tune in next Monday for my recap!

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