Monday, May 7, 2018

Stamp, B, Week 2

Welcome back for my second entry for my Term 3 blog. 
The second week of this course was incredible. We visited the Corning Museum of Glass, had several guest speakers, and some of us presented our facilitator presentations. 

On the first two days of this week we had several people present their present on their assigned readings from the books The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing: Bringing the Moguls, the Media, and the Magic to the World by Al Lieberman and Patricia Estate, Entertainment Industry: The Business of Music, Books, Movies, T.V., Radio, Internet, Video Games, Theater, Fashion, Sports, Art, Merchandising, Copyright, Trademarks, and Contracts by Mark Vinet, and Why We Play: How Millennials Are Rewriting Sports Marketing by Yasmeen Sharara. These presentations provided a lot of insight into entertainment marketing and intellectual property law. 

On Wednesday, the class went on our first field-trip to the Corning Museum of Glass. First we were taken on a tour through the museum's 14,000+ piece collection of historic glass artifacts, some of which were over 3,000 years old. 
Photo credit: Myself
Photo Credit: Myself

We then watched a live glassblowing show. It was incredible to watch the artists heat, spin, and blow molten glass. 
Photo Credit: Myself

We then were able to explore the sprawling museum gift shop. The shop offered many products produced by Corning Incorporated, as well as pieces created by glass blowing artists. 

We were then treated to a presentation by the museum's marketing officer Robert C. He described marketing strategies that allowed the Corning Museum of Glass to become the third most visited tourist attraction in New York. 
Photo Credit: Myself 
After the presentation, we were allowed to explore the "science" portion of the collection. This area included  many demonstrations, conceptual exhibits, and a huge broken telescope lens. There was also a periscope that protrudes through the roof of the building, allowing guests to view the surrounding city of Corning, New York. I was actually able to take pictures through it with my iPhone. 
Photo Credit: Myself

We also had an intellectual property attorney for Corning Incorporated speak about managing brand trademarks and copyrights. One of the highlights of the discussion was the story of him legally seizing a warehouse full of counterfeit luxury sunglasses and having them crushed with a steamroller. 

Photo Credit: Myself

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