Monday, May 7, 2018

Mattice, J

Welcome back for the second week in Term III. For this week in Entertainment Media and Sports Marketing we visited the Corning Museum of Glass, had a great guest speaker, and watched our classmates facilitate for the assigned readings.

At the Corning Museum of Glass we started off the day with a tour and learning about the history of glass making. We were able to see first hand what the glass looked back then and we had a tour guide explain the process of making glass.

Next we went to the glass studio where we were able to watch people make glass and we were able to hear how they market the shops. It was interesting how people can rent out those spaces and make glass on their own.
Photo taken by Professor Wofle

We also were able to watch a live glassblowing show. It was cool to watch someone do this live and at the end of the show they gave away a piece of glass for free.

In class we had a Paul Burke come in as a guest speaker. He was a fantastic guest speaker who helped educate us on IP and copyright laws. His presentation tied into one of the class books Entertainment Industry by Mark Vinet
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe

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