Monday, May 7, 2018

Cuffee, H, Week 2

Hello, this is Henry Cuffee III again, and welcome to week 2 of my blog discussion!

This week, we began our facilitator discussions and began discussing our three books for class. Our three books for class are The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing by Al Lieberman and Patricia Esgate,  Entertainment Industry by Mark Vinet, and Why We Play: How Millennials Are Rewriting Sports Marketing by Yasmeen Sharara. From our readings, we talked about how people are beginning to obtain information using digital platforms, how copyright works and how to stay protected, and we talked about how the title sports marketing began and how people of this generation are causing marketers to change their marketing strategies. 

Corning Museum of Glass
Along with our discussions, we had a field trip and we met with some professionals to help talk about our three books. Our field trip this week was to the Corning Museum of Glass, where they make cool designs of glass and they had cool glass shows for the visitors of the museum. They also gave us a cool experience where we were able to sandblast our own cups and get to see what it is like to be a glass maker for a day. 

Robert C. talking about marketing schemes for the museum

While we were at the museum, we met with Robert C. and talked about how the Corning Museum of Glass is trying to promote themselves to the new wave of people of this generation. He talked about how the museum markets themselves to the visitors by having live shows on how the museum makes their glass, as well as having hands on experiences by allowing visitors the ability to make glass and setting up benches to let the visitors see what the glass makers do. This concept goes along with what we talked about in our Why We Play book, where millennials need to be able to feel connected or be motivated to try new things and do certain stuff nowadays. With the Corning Museum of Glass providing hands on activities, it allows consumers to feel motivated or begin to think that they can be just like the glass makers and begin to come to the museum more often, or get the word out there about this attraction. 

Dr. Paul B.

To wrap up our week, we were joined in the classroom by Dr. Paul B. to talk to us about copyright and give us a little insight on how everything worked. Dr. Paul B. talked about how many originators of a body of work has the protection to all of their hard work. People also need to make sure that they have the right legal teams to make sure that all originators are getting all the money they can get. The topics we discussed related to our Entertainment Industry book about how artists can make sure that all of their work is protected so that way it cannot be copied or taken advantage of. 

In conclusion, we talked about the importance of connecting with the right people, as well as trying to figure out new ways to communicate and market to the new generation of people. 

Until next time,
Henry Cuffee III 

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