Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stamp, B., Week 5, Bonus Blog Post

I have decided an additional bonus blog post!
This Term-3 class has been an incredibly enriching experience. If I hadn't enrolled in this class, I would have never been exposed to entertainment marketing environments such as casinos or professional sports teams. I am very thankful that professor Wolfe gave us this opportunity. 

In the final week of the class, we had two guest speakers. One was a former Elmira College marketing professor and the other was an event promoter that had spoken earlier in the term. This time the sports promoter had a very candid discussion about how to become prosperous in life and gave us several tips on real estate investing. Additionally, expressed his feelings on what he considers to good or bad debt. 

I have grown a lot as a person during my time here at Elmira and this class has contributed to that. 

-Brian Stamp

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