Friday, May 25, 2018

Mattice, J

Hello and welcome to my last term III blog. During our fourth week of this course we had a multiple presenters, and a couple of class trips.

Monday we started out with 3 in-class facilitators. They did a fantastic job of helping us understand the assigned readings. It was a good start to went ended up being a very eventful week

Tuesday we went to Community Broadcasters where we were able to get a tour of the radio station. We were also given a presentation which helped describe how they market and get companies to advertise through their stations.

Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
 Wednesday we had another field trip, this time to WETM-TV in Elmira. There we were also given a behind the scenes tour. We also were able to hear about how companies buy advertisement slots, and what the company has to do if there is overlap with commercials. Another thing we found out is how the station has to bump things back or to another day if something runs over.
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
Thursday we went to the Tioga Downs Casino. It was a wonderful experience and we were able to find out how a Casino is run from a marketing standpoint. It was interesting to hear how they make sure to use the entire property. I also liked how the owner makes sure to give back to the community. 
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
We wrapped up Friday with our final facilitators. It was a good day to end the week as it helped tie everything we did throughout the week back to the marketing class. The facilitators also allowed for us to discuss all of the books and expand on the ideas in them.

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