Monday, May 21, 2018

Serrano, J, Week 4

Hello it's me again, and this week our class we had gone to Community Broadcasters, WETM-TV and Tioga Downs Casino, and in all these places we had gotten to see how marketing strategies are utilized from different angels. Yet everyone seems to have similar issues with trying to reach a younger audience. At these three places we had seen these techniques in effect and there all unique to there specific company.

At Tioga Downs Casino there technique was to send out free plays to get people in the door, they have done similar things with events designed to get people through the door so they can start spending money. Its all about getting heads in the door to help improve money, marketing is how this is done through there resort and restaurants as well as the horse races this is all different areas of revenue that helps them bring money in. I thought this was an amazing trip to go on to see that there are many different factors and different ways to market something.

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