Monday, May 21, 2018

McDonald, K, Week 4

Hello and welcome back to my blog for the fourth week! Thank you so much for tuning in every week to hear about our adventures. Last week was another busy one with three different experiential learning trips here locally around the Southern Tier. On Tuesday we ventured a little north of campus and visited Community Broadcasters, LLC. On Wednesday we walked south of campus to WETM TV. And on Thursday we took a bus over to Nichols, New York to visit Tioga Downs Casino Resort. We finished the week by hearing from a few facilitators about our course books on Friday. This week concluded our experiential learning trips except for a end of year celebration we will be attending at the Corning Museum of Glass this Thursday, but that's for next week's blog!

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald

Our first stop this week was at Community Broadcasters, LLC which is home to several of the local radio stations such as 100.9 The Wolf and Wink 106. We learned about their marketing processes from Bruce S. who works in the sales department there. We were also given a tour and were able to see the studios in which the radio shows are recorded. This trip was particularly interesting for me because radio is not something people really think about as marketing-heavy, but it clearly is and it was fun to learn about it in that way. When we walked down to WETM TV the next day, it was another day focused on media marketing. We were again given a tour and we talked with Lisa about how WETM TV makes money which is solely from selling advertisements. This means the sales department is extremely important and they have to do their job in order for the whole company to run smoothly. Although I do not watch WETM TV and their news, I watch many other TV channels, so again it was interesting to learn about the marketing side of something that I watch almost everyday, TV.

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald
Our final experiential learning trip for the week was over at Tioga Downs Casino Resort. Although we weren't allowed on the Casino floor, it was still a very cool trip. We met with a number of people that work in marketing and human resources at the Casino Resort. Christina L. and Jim W. met with us and talked to us about marketing, and after them, Michelle J. and Karen S. came in and spoke with us about their work on the HR side of things. After the talks, we were shown around the facilities, including out near the horse race track. It was interesting to learn about how the Casino has turned itself into a Resort and is hoping to bring in customers from both in and out of town as they market themselves as a "gateway to the finger lakes." 

Image Taken by Kyra McDonald
The week ended by hearing from several facilitators as we finished the last few sections of our course books. These sections focused on sports marketing, sponsorships, entertainment marketing, theater, travel and tourism, fashion, art, and merchandising. They were all interesting and each different part gave a good look at all the different parts of this course. We have covered everything from theater and performing arts marketing to sports marketing and ad campaigns. These books have allowed us to deepen our understanding of these topics in a way we wouldn't be able to solely with lectures and field trips. 

This week was another great one in the life of an Entertainment, Media, and Sports Marketing student. The readings aligned well with our experiential learning trips and it made them that much more exciting and informative. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given through this course, and I can't wait to see how we finish the term off next week. See ya then! Ciao!

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