Monday, May 21, 2018

Rosen, A, Week 4

Hello everyone and welcome to my fourth blog post for MKT 3915, Entertainment, Media, and Sports Marketing: An Experiential Learning Experience!

With week four now over, we've entered the final stretch in the 2017-2018 school year! There's only one more week until school's (finally) over and I couldn't be more excited. We took our final three field trips for the term in week four but first, I presented my book club readings on Monday.

I've really enjoyed all of my classmate's presentations and tried to incorporate techniques they used in my own presentation! I covered all three of our textbooks and even had three informative videos for the class to watch. I began my presentation talking about myself, something I'm not very comfortable doing, but it went well and it was smooth sailing from there on. I really enjoyed hearing what my classmates thought about the controversial topic of NCAA athletes being paid. It was one of my discussion questions and we heard a lot of really good points on both sides of the spectrum. 

Our first trip of the week came on Tuesday, when we visited Community Broadcasters and spoke with Bruce S. Although Community Broadcasters is in the radio business, Bruce told us that what they do is a lot more than just radio. The company also does work in the online and social media space for cause and sports advertisements. After listening to Bruce's presentation, we got a tour of the facility, which was smaller than I would've imagined for a radio company. 

On Wednesday we walked over to channel 18 WETM news located in Elmira. We were hosted by Lisa S, who gave us an expansive tour and really shared her knowledge with us all. Lisa has been in the TV business for decades and had valuable information for us in many different facets of the company. My favorite part was when we got up to the writer's room since I'm currently employed as a writer and this directly correlated with one of my passions. The desk space was pretty small and it didn't seem all that glamorous, confirming my thoughts on not pursuing a journalism job full time after school. We were taken to the studio and got to test out the green screen used by the meteorologist for weather reporting! Lisa told us that meteorologists need to graduate with a degree in meteorology in order to be referred to as a meteorologist. 

Image Credit: Myself

Image Credit: Myself

We took our final trip of the term Thursday to Tioga Downs Casino! Although it's admittedly not a great hobby to have, I've always been fascinated with gambling and enjoy visiting the Casino every once in a while. I've been to Tioga Downs in the past, as my dad likes to stop by on our way up to school and back, so I kind of knew what to expect. I thought it was one of our best appointments, if not the best, of the term. I really learned a lot in our two hours at Tioga and was impressed with the preparedness of the staff that presented to us. Our entire class was really focused the entire time and asked a couple of really good questions. My favorite part of the trip was definitely seeing the suite in the hotel, which you don't get to see every day! 

Image Credit: Myself

Image Credit: Myself

Image Credit: Myself

Four weeks have gone by so fast, it's almost hard to believe! With only one week remaining in the course, we'll be tasked with preparing a case to present on Friday before we leave for summer break! I can't wait to get to work and wrap up this course, as I have a fun summer planned ahead that I'm eagerly awaiting!

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