Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hertto, T. Tioga Downs Casino, Week 4, WETM-TV

As a hospitality major going to the Tioga Downs Casino was pretty cool and informative. It was fun to see how their hotel operates as well as the other functions that they provide. It is always important to see the way that other companies operate and look for potential take aways along with things that you might change. I loved speaking with the marketing team and listening to their feedback as well. I look forward to possibly going to the Casino part too! Well, when I turn 21...

Tioga Downs Casino

WETM-TV broadcasting was pretty cool too! It was cool to see the stage that news broadcasters sit at and tell the news. The green screen was of course my favorite part. It was fun to goof around on it and pretend that you are on tv, I wish I wore green! I was told that if I did only my face would show, that would have been hilarious. That may have been a once in a lifetime experience, at least for now. I have never thought that I would be inside a station like that so I am very thankful of the opportunity that I was given!

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