Monday, May 28, 2018

Pierce, Kacie, Week 5

Hello bloggers! This past week was the last week of our class, crazy how quick it went by. Just to wrap up the past weeks and this week, I am doing one last blog to give a closing to this eye-opening class. 

On Monday, May 21st, we had guest speaker Mr. Philip Hurdle come in and then on Tuesday May 22nd, Mr. Matthew Hufnagel was kind enough to come back and speak. Both of these presentations were more of a relaxed and Q&A situation. This was very interesting because both of the guest presenters gave their life experiences and professional opinions. By gaining that side of information, it allows for me to gain what we are learning in the class and apply that to what actual professionals are doing.  
Image Credit by Kacie Pierce
We then were lucky enough to be invited to the Corning Museum of Glass 2300 degrees event. Here there was food and drinks, along with free touring of the museum and a glass show to demonstrate the art of making glass. 
Image Credit by Kacie Pierce
On days that we did not have class, were dedicated to working on our case presentation project. This was a project that each group was given a case study and have to identify the problem and give solutions. My group consisted of Caroline Gilliam, Marissa Olsen, and Kyra McDonald. We discussed on how Nike could expand on their marketing plan to reach a more wider demographic. Below is a video that we created to demonstrate a marketing plan Nike could do by pairing with GE. 

For now I am signing off! Thank you for this great term and hope all is well in the future! 

Kacie Pierce '21

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