Thursday, June 7, 2018

David K. Week 2

Hello all welcome to week 2 of my blog! This week was full of exciting and interesting events. We had guest presenters, field trips, and facilitators throughout the week. The first highlight of the week that I will discuss was Mr. Paul Burke's presentation. He is from Corning Incorporated and he is a senior IP counsel in their law department. He talked about important aspects that are including in the marketing aspect of a major company like Corning Incorporated. For example, when they need to advertise a new product it costs a lot of money due to the trademarks, and copyrights. These topics are discussed heavily throughout Mark Vinet's Entertainment Industry. His presentation was very interesting and he mentioned some events that related to sports markering which was very cool. Next, I will talk about my experience at the Corning Museum of Glass!

I was very excited for this field trip, because I have never been to this world renowned museum. We got to speak to Robery Cassetti who is one of the head marketers for the museum, and head of visitor engagement. He talked about consumer behavior strategies and how the museum implements them to bring in more people. Mr. Cassetti mentioned how it took a long time before the museum got widely popular and it took creative, and out of the box thinking before they saw a rise in numbers. Personally I find musems very interesting especially the marketing aspect because they have so many other things to compete with. Mr. Cassetti also mentioned how the museum became more kid friendly which was a very strategic marketing practice. Overall, this week was very fun and I cannot wait for the other presenters and field trips. My favorite part of the week was visiting the museum and seeing the glass blowing exibition!

Taken by: Professor Wolfe

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