Thursday, June 7, 2018

David K week 3

Welcome to week 3 of my blog. This week was filled with great experiential learning experiences and learning opportunities. The first highlight of the week was visiting Big Spaceship in Brooklyn, New York. They are an independent advertising firm that works with major companies and helps them promote and market to consumers. We met with and Elmira College alumni which was very cool to know that they truly are everywhere. Big Spaceship was very cool and different from most advertising firms in the city, but it was very helpful to see how a smaller company uses marketing and other business strategies! After that we headed to Manhattan!

In Manhattan we went to Rockefellar Plaza, which is where the headquarters of NBC stands. This was a very cool experience by being inside one of the biggest media and communications company. We got to see working studios where they hold live television shows like Seth Meyers. They took us behind the scenes as well to see the control rooms which was very cool to be able to see. The coolest part was that people were working during our tour. After NBC studios we were able to walk around the city for some time, it was very busy and crowded!

The next highlight of the week was traveling to Rochester, New York where we went to Tipping Point Communications another advertising and marketing firm. It was not as laid back as Big Spaceship but they were very welcoming! It was interesting to see how a company of that size work. We met with one of the owning partners of the business and she gave  very good advice. We also spoke with Todd who is the head of social media marketing for tipping point and he was very cool. Social media is growing and businesses need to utilize it for them to keep up because more and more people are connected with it!

Taken by: Professor Wolfe

After our visit to Rochester we continued up to Buffalo, New York (it was cold) and went arrived at Key Bank Arena home of the Buffalo Sabres, and the Buffalo Bandits. They also hold major events and concerts! This was one of the coolest experiences being able to get an inside look on sports marketing. They mentioned how the Sabres had a tough year, so they needed to execute different and strategic ways to market the team! This was the highlight of my week! It got me a lot more interested in sports marketing! Before we headed home we make a quick stop to Canandaigua athe the newly transformed New York Kitchen. They had free sandwhiches and they very so good, I ate three of them!
Taken by: Professor Wolfe

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