Thursday, June 7, 2018

David K. WEEK 4

Welcome to week 4 of my blog! The week started with several facilitators to begin to wrap up the three books for the course. After that there were three exciting and experiential learning experiences! It began with a trip to Community Broadcasters located in Elmira! They run several radio stations locally. I never knew how much marketing goes into the radio and it was very interesting! Once again, this experience has widened my view on marketing. The process of getting companies to advertise within their stations is very complex but he did a very good job in explaining it.

The next highlight was visiting WETM-TV in Elmira, New York! It is a local television station, and an NBC affiliate. They have recieved many awards as a television station, and it was very cool to see how a smaller station operates. Compared the the NBC studios in New York city. They had similar rooms and areas of business. We got to look behind the scenes and even go onto the green screen.
Taken by: Professor Wolfe

The next highlight was visiting Tioga Downs Casino and Resort. The casino business is very interesting and relies heavily on marketing. Tioga Downs has so many events going on all the time and it is important for the marketing team to stay on top, in order to bring in more people! It was also very cool to hear that the owner cares a lot about the community, as well as family. So, they do a lot of family oriented events to keep it welcoming and fresh! This was a very cool experience and I hope to go back!
Taken by: Professor Wolfe

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