Monday, April 23, 2018

Serrano, J

Hello, Its me Joel Serrano welcome to my first 
Photo of Joel Serrano III
blog post! I will be writing about the Entertainment, Media, and Sports Marketing class, giving a weekly update on what I learned and what should be taken away from in-class discussions and other experiential learning within this course.
Know here are some bullet points about me!

     I am...

  •  A Freshmen at Elmira College
  •  Born in NYC and raised in New Rochelle, NY
  • I am Majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing
  •  I am apart of Enactus

This past week we discussed events promotion in sports 
& entertainment. We have had a guest speaker come into
 class and the class also went on a field trip to the Clemens 
Center gaining experiential learning experience on how the
 theater is run and how they market their programs. 

One of the most interesting take aways from this week is 
learning about promotion and how the entertainment
 industry has a unique and fast life cycle were as companies
 in this industry try to get their product to last longer then 
others. Matthew Hufnagel a serial entrepreneur one of the
classes guest speaker has stated that people should "put 
themselves in the position to do what they want to do" this 
statement has stuck to me as these companies try to place their 
promotion in the right place to attract the most attention to 
their target market. I had a great week learning and can't 
wait to experience and learn more.

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