Monday, April 30, 2018

Gillam, C, Week 1


My name is Caroline Gillam. I am a freshman at Elmira College and will be majoring in accounting with a concentration in marketing. I am from Queensbury, New York, which is near Lake George, New York. I love living near the Adirondacks because there are opportunities for adventure throughout all the seasons. As my freshman year is coming to an end, I am so grateful for the friendships and opportunities I have had at Elmira College. I continue to be actively involved on campus in various clubs as well as volunteering throughout the community. Next year I will be a Resident Assistant, which will help me develop my leadership skills. Sports marketing is such a new and exciting career to look into. Upon graduating from Elmira College, I hope to find a job in the sports marketing world. For the next four weeks I will be writing blogs on my reflections/experiences from each week.

On Friday, our class had the opportunity to visit the Clemens Center. Karen C, who is the Executive Director of the Clemens Center gave us background knowledge/ history of the Clemens Center and then showed us the theatre. After having a tour, Karen sat down and talked to our class about her role as the Executive Director of the Clemens Center. Over this time period, Karen went over the four P's in her role and explained how she markets shows/ events at the Clemens Center. The four P's include; promotion, place, price, and product. Each of these four P's play an important role throughout the marketing process. I really enjoyed this opportunity as it was an experiential learning experience for me. 

This first week provided me insight into how marketing entertainment is applied in the real world. "Marketing the Arts" was very intriguing to me and I hope to further my knowledge and experience in this area.
Picture Credit (Myself and Professor Wolfe)

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