Saturday, April 28, 2018

Jerolman, M, Week 1

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog! 
   Get to know me in just a few bullet points:
  • Petite, blonde, brown eyes, tan skin
  • athletic; plays ice hockey
  • works hard towards what i'm passionate about
  • thoroughly enjoys sitting on the beach for all hours of the day
  • enjoys reflecting and blogging about whats on my mind
  • dog mom of a 5 month old pit-bull

  • always happy and willing to have a good time
  • outgoing and loves to converse
Photo Credit: Donald Sherman

The photo above describes who I am pretty well, celebrating a goal I scored with so much passion and excitement. 

Briefly going over this week in class we learned a lot about the theatre aspect of entertainment marketing. We met with some pretty interesting people like Dr. Matthew Hufnagel and Professor John Kelly. Then we toured the Clemons Center with Karen Cromer. 

Dr. Matthew Hufnagel was my personal favorite when he came and talked about what he does in his entrepreneur career. The way he spoke was so passionate and really grabbed my attention. Dr. Hufanagel owns many of his own businesses, including four subways, cleaning companies, and entertainment company. You can say he does well for himself. 

Karen Cromer was another successful person in the entertainment working world. . Karen Cromer did a wonderful job with showing up around the theatre and explaining all of the hard work that goes into the shows. She told us how much time and effort goes into a production. They market their business by putting on shows for the people that want to come.

The reading aspect of this week in class all tied into the professionals we had the pleasure of meeting and learning from. 

I am excited for the rest of the term and continuing to learn from so many people.

Thank you for checking in! 


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