Monday, May 14, 2018

Jerolman, M, Week 3

Hello Bloggers and welcome back to my blog!
   This week was completely action packed with some many fun activities and great field trips that I don't know where to even start. 
On Monday was had a laid back day while we listened to our classmates present on the following books and readings they facilitated. Some main ideas were about Cable TV being leveled off due to the increase in internet use or how Non-Athletic branding is important to expanding a brand's audience and target market. 

    On Tuesday we got to take a day trip to NYC and we had an amazing time. Our first stop was to Big Spaceship which is This company was very laid back compared to most. The employees dressed very causally and were also able to bring their dogs to work with them! They view themselves as a modern partner to ambitious brands like Google, Youtube, and other popular companies. There main point was “We help organizations connect with audiences through a deep understanding of culture and behavior.”

Class listening to presentation
Photo By: Me
Photo of the office at Big Spaceship
Photo By: Me
Office Space at Big Spaceship
Photo By: Me
This was very exciting, while we got to see studios were everyday NBC shows are filmed like Jimmy Fallon or the Good Morning Showing. It was truly amazing to see how long-ago NBC was started and was so popular from the beginning. This carried into our theme of the week which again was media! What better way to explain and show media then going to the most famous company for media.

Photos By: Me

   On Friday we also got to go on another amazing trip to Watkins Glenn International. They talked to us about their way of marketing and media and how they bring in revenue. One of their best sellers is camping, which adds to the big party that NASCAR racing as a sport give. They mention that camping gives people a place to stay for the whole weekend so when they sell tickets they add a bundle of camping along with it. They sell to a certain group of people which is what makes their business so successful. They also talked about how they noticed what people like about going to NASCAR races and say that company’s like to come and make business deals and such at these events. So, they are starting to build more suites that provide all-inclusive food, drinks, and tickets all in one area and in view of the races.
Watkins Glenn Victory Lane
Photo By: Professor Wolfe

I had amazing week and sad its almost over in 2 weeks! 
Thanks for reading ! 

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