Monday, May 14, 2018

Endieveri, F, Week 3

This week the class traveled to many different places around New York State. On Tuesday we went to New York City, and on Thursday we went to Rochester and Buffalo.

Our trip to the city began with a meeting with members of the team at Big Spaceship, an ad agency out of Brooklyn. We then traveled to Manhattan where we took a tour of the NBC building as well as enjoyed free time in the city. I took many pictures which are below

Our trip to Rochester and Buffalo was a great learning experience even though it was a long trip. We spoke with two members of the Tipping Point Communications team, learning about what they do in the fields of market research and public relations. The class then went to buffalo where we ate at the 716 restaurant and took a tour of Key Bank Arena. Key Bank Arena is home to the Buffalo Sabers, this is where we talked with members of their marketing team, learning about sports marketing.  Like NYC I took some pictures.

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