Monday, May 14, 2018

Rosen, A, Week 3

Hello everyone and welcome to my third blog post for MKT 3915, Entertainment, Media, and Sports Marketing: An Experiential Learning Experience!

We've now passed the halfway point in our term and our third week was likely our best yet! It was a week full of experiential learning experiences, as we took three trips during the week. But first, we started off with three book club facilitators on Monday. 

Kiana, Marissa, and Kyra all presented their assigned readings and I really enjoyed all three presentations. They each covered all three of our textbooks and the class discussions that ensued were quite interesting. We talked about how baseball cards were the first form of sports marketing, which I kind of knew because I used to collect them. It's truly amazing how far sports marketing has come since the early 1900s.

Our first trip of the week came on Tuesday when we went to New York City! I was really excited for this particular trip, not only because Professor Wolfe had some cool appointments lined up for us, but also because I'm from Long Island, which is only 45 minutes away! We had to get up early, 4:40 A.M to be exact, but the early morning and long bus ride were easily worth it. We had two appointments scheduled: a stop at Big Spaceship ad agency and a tour of NBC studios!

We were greeted at Big Spaceship, which is in Brooklyn, by an EC Alum named Olga. Olga had a co-worker, Sarah, who also spoke to us during the Big Spaceship presentation. I was really impressed with the type of work the agency does and how they're involved in so many different fields. Both of them seemed genuinely happy working for Big Spaceship and encouraged us to apply for an internship position with the company!

Image Credit: Professor Wolfe

Next, we got back on the bus and went down to NBC studios near Rockefeller Plaza for a tour of the building! It was really cool to see all of the history of the building and how the shows we know and love are made! 

Image Credit: Professor Wolfe

After a needed day off Wednesday, we were back on the road again Thursday. Our journey started with a trip to Rochester, where we met with the Barbara P.  and Todd C. of Tipping Point Communications. I found this to be the most interesting trip of the season thus far, as we talked at length about public relations and writing, both things I'll be doing as an intern this summer. 

Image Credit: Professor Wolfe

We got back on the bus and rode to Buffalo, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch (Thanks Professor Wolfe!) at 716 and then took a tour of the KeyBank Center! I actually was at the arena for a Sabres game in March, so it was really cool to get a behind the scenes look! 

Image Credit: Professor Wolfe

We ended our long day with a stop at the New York Kitchen, which celebrates local beer, food, and wine. We all really enjoyed the free food!

Our last stop of the week was a local one, as we got the chance to listen to Chris and Jose at Watkins Glen International. I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but it was I enjoyed our discussion about the problems the sport is currently facing. 

Image Credit: Professor Wolfe
I can't wait to see what Week 4 has in store!

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