Monday, May 14, 2018

Serrano, J, Week 3

    Hello its me again, welcome back to my blog. This week our class had gone an many experiential learning experience  Tuesday was my favorite experiential learning experience of the week we had left at 4am to go to New York City. We had taken the trip to Brooklyn heading to an advertising agency called Big Spaceship. I learned how they operate there ship, this particular agency had an amazing calm atmosphere in the work place yet they are still dedicated and hard working in this fun environment. They have provided an amazing work environment and produce great work for their clients. This work environment is unique and every worker is part of the Big Spaceship team.  

     After our trip to Big Spaceship we went to Manhattan to see NBC studios where we had gotten a behind the scenes look of the whole studio.We saw how it was run from recording to the live television production as we were able to see all the different parts that play in this process. Also we got to see the news room where the journalist sit right behind the set just incase there is breaking news. After our tour we had some free time to roam around, I had gone to Time Square one of my favorite spots. This spot is captivating with all the advertisements and billboard signs. 


   Then Thursday was another one of the most experiential trips we have taken again had waken up early to go to an ad agency in Rochester that dealt with primarily on focus groups and qualitative market research. They work with many different organizations to figure out whats the best marketing plan for the company and what works with certain people as well as what draws peoples attention. They also allow other companies to use their facilities for focus groups. After that we went to Buffalo New York where we went to the home of the Buffalo Sabers as we went throughout there stadium seeing what it takes in producing/broadcasting a game. This was an amazing trip and a great learning experience. All of these experiential learning experience has directly related to class helping us learn as well as have a fun time in these industry 

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