Monday, May 14, 2018

Gillam, C, Week 3

Welcome back to week 3 everyone!

Picture Credit: Myself and Professor Wolfe
This week has been filled with lots of experiential learning. We went on three field and had multiple people present. 

To start our week off we went to New York City on Tuesday! We had the opportunity to visit the Big Spaceship, which is a marketing group Brooklyn, then we ventured back into the city and toured the NBC studio. 

The picture to the right is our class at the Big Spaceship. One thing that I found interesting about the Big Spaceship is that they basically combine art and science to create relevant data for their clients. My favorite aspect of the Big Spaceship is that workers are allowed to bring dogs into work. This helps to create a happy and healthy work environment.

Picture Credit: Myself

These are some pictures from our tour at the NBC studio. Before starting the tour, we watched a little clip about the history of the NBC studio. This building was one the first places that live television was produced in. I did not realize how much history is actually behind the NBC building itself. Throughout our tour, they brought us to various famous studios. For example, we had the chance to go into the studio where Late Night with Seth Meyers is recorded. After having the chance to tour the various studios, we then headed into a recording studio and created our own recording. To me, this was the highlight of the tour.
Picture Credit: Myself and Professor Wolfe

On Thursday, we had the amazing opportunity to visit the Pegula- KeyBank Center. This is where the Buffalo Sabres play. We had the chance to meet with two people that worked at the center. One was in charge of marketing the Buffalo Sabres and the other was the live events marketing coordinator. To start off, they gave us a tour of the center. Throughout the tour we got to visit various areas in the building. For example, we went to the VIP seating area, opposing team's locker room, the sound room, the kitchen, and the Lexus club room. This was such a cool experience. After our tour, we headed down to a room and both the marketers gave us presentation on what exactly they do.
Picture Credit: Myself and Professor Wolfe

To end our week, we visited Watkins Glen International. This was a very cool experience as I have never been to a race car track before. First, we met with a marketer and he talked to us about how he markets Watkins Glen International. He talked about the various events that take place at WGI and how he markets each of those and then he went into talking about the NASCAR industry and how to market that. After having the chance to talk to him, we then headed out to the race track. We were lucky enough to watch cars go around the track when we were out there.

While this week was filled with field trips, I am so glad we had the opportunity to visit all these places! Having the chance to speak with various marketers and marketing teams was truly a great experience. Can't wait to see what next week will bring!

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