Monday, May 14, 2018

Smith, B, Week 3

Hello and welcome to my third blog! Week three we had many great experiences and got the chance to take in a lot of valuable information. Monday we a few facilitators who did a great job of covering their sections of the books. Tuesday we had a very long and fun day in the city. We got to go see the ad agency Big Spaceship, meet some of their workers and get some insight on what they do.
Image taken by Professor Wolfe 
After that we went to NBC studios in Rockefeller Center and got an awesome tour of their workplace. We saw some of the sets that some very popular people work in such as Jimmy Fallon which was very surreal to me.

Thursday was another day full of fun and once in a lifetime experiences as we got to go to Tipping Point Communications and get a presentation from two members of the agency. Barbara P. and Todd C. Both gave us awesome presentations and a lot of good information to hold onto and remember for future references. After that we went to the Buffalo Sabres arena where we got a tour of pretty much the whole entire place which was pretty cool, we even got to learn about the zambonis. The two people that toured us and talked to us about marketing were very experienced and well-known people. One of which got to meet many celebrities and the other has a lot of NHL in their background. So that was another very fun and informational trip. On the way home we even got to stop at a restaurant that had just changed its name and was having a big opening. 

Friday, probably my favorite trip so far, we went to Watkins Glenn International. A very famous and well-known race track, pretty much known worldwide. There we got to learn about the marketing of the track and what they do to keep that going. Many people think only NASCAR happens at tracks but they do much more than that to keep themselves busy and productive. I thought this was cool because I come from a long line of I guess you could say adrenaline sport athletes, I raced motocross and snocross, so all of the racing stuff really applies to me and i have always been very interested in it.
Image taken by Professor Wolfe

So overall I would say this week of class was fantastic and packed with a ton of awesome trips and very informational experiences. Can't wait for what's to come in week four!

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