Monday, May 21, 2018

Melvin, K, Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of my blog! This week we kept it local and explored the businesses closer to Elmira. We started and wrapped the week up in the classroom listening the last of the facilitators. Tuesday is when the class started the adventures.
Monday and Friday were both days of listening to classmates speaking about their assigned sections readings. A couple of the facilitators touched base on different platforms of gaming industry, the music industry, radio, the television industry, the power of advertising, and different athletic brands.

On Tuesday the class headed to Community Broadcasters, LLC which is a local station that owns five different radio channels. Here we heard about the marketing strategies that are important to running the station. The speaker spoke about how the station has to reach out to different businesses in order to sell advertising slots. Some examples of different sports marketing that Community Broadcasters is in charge of is the Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Sabres, and Penn State Football. A quote that stuck with me was, "quality isn't always cheap and cheap isn't always quality." That quote was said to explain that when businesses are buying advertising spots they are very expensive, but for good reason. The more money spent on the ad, the more likely the ad will be effective. After a brief lecture, we went on the tour of the facility.

Photos all taken by Me
On Wednesday the class went to a similar place, but this time was television. WEMT-18 was the destination. Here we were given a behind the scenes tour of the building. We also learned about advertising and how they need to make sure that all commercials are shown or they will not get paid for it. WEMT was run fairly similar to Community Broadcasters in the way of selling ads.
Photos all taken by Me
Thursday was the most interesting trip of the week for me. We stopped off at Tioga Downs Casino. We met with the marketing manger and another employee on the marketing team. They spoke briefly on the history of the casino. The casino used to be a quarter horse racetrack called "Tioga Park". Then it was purchased by Jeff Gural who made it into what it is today. The marketers then spoke about some of the different strategies used. One of my favorite quotes was that the casino is marketed as "the gate way to the finger lakes". This grabs the attention of travelers making their way to different stops of the finger lakes. We then finished the trip off with a tour.
Photos taken by Me
Thats a wrap of the week! Tune in for the last week of activities.

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