Monday, May 21, 2018

Endieveri, F, Week 4

This will be my last blog post about my experiential learning marketing class. This was the last week that my class traveled. This week we went to three different locations in the Elmira area, Community Broadcasters, WETM-TV, and Tioga Downs Casino.

The first two locations, Community Broadcasters and WETM-TV, had very similar sales strategies though WETM has more resources to offer clients. We learned about these similarities and the differences on Tuesday and Wednesday. We also were able to tour the facilities, getting to see how radio and television is produced.

On Thursday we traveled to Nichols, NY where Tioga Downs Casino/Resort is located. This journey was very interesting as many of us had never been to a casino. On this trip we were able to talk with two members of the marketing team and two members of the HR team. We also took a tour of the facilities.

This class comes to an end next week and it was one of the greatest classes i have ever taken. It is a unique travel course as we did a lot of domestic travel. Every trip in this course offered amazing experiences and I was happy to be apart of it.

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