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Jerolman, M, Week 4

Hello Bloggers welcome to the final weeks of my Entertainment Media and Sports Marketing class! 
   What another amazing week we had in the classroom and hands on with experiential learning. Monday was a class day for us this week while we had 3 people present their facilitators report. My classmate Caroline went first and discussed the same three books we have all been reading for this term. She talked about the Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing and what she learned from her sections. She discussed the gaming industry and how it has evolved into three different platforms; social, video, and mobile. Mobile marketing and mobile advertising are two areas that she read, are continuing to grow. Another thing Caroline talked about was in Why We Play, the power of advertising at the Olympics; Coca Cola, Protector & Gamble, Nike. She discussed how sports have been used since the Olympics started out to promote peace and international corporation. We also heard from 2 other classmates they discussed the topics of Sports crossing the line from athletic competition to entertainment long ago and Under Armor has been so successful is because people they don’t “pick a team.” 

On Tuesday we went to the Community Broadcasting station right down the street and got to see what it’s like from a radio station marketing perspective. They talked about how they have sales people that go out every day to companies like restaurants or car washes, to sell they time on the radio to market their company. Community Broadcasters is very well known around the upstate New York area, even up into Buffalo, having 5 different stations. They talked to us about client’s success is YOUR success. Some quotes they shared with us were, “Follow through and Follow Up, Stay Visible when you’re not “visible”, Continue asking questions, Bring value with every interaction.” Those quotes seemed to be very important and the way they run their business. They have 5 different stations consisting of different music and bringing different audiences. For example, WINK 106 is aimed towards adults 18-49 with the top 40 hits music and the hottest promotions. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing that radio side of promoting and marketing. 

Photo Taken by: Me
My favorite country station around here.         

      On Wednesday we got to see the WETM news station down the street as well, getting a tour and seeing how they market themselves. They are similar to the radio station, where they have sales people go out and sell time on the TV (around 60 seconds-2 minutes) for people to market and promote their businesses. They mentioned that sometimes they get people that come right to the station sometimes and buy the air time right from them, but mostly sell through their sales people. Their most popular way of selling is in packages. They sell the packages because that is what makes them more money. They talked about how they have a big news station in Syracuse, where all the TV is ran through just subbing off into each station. They station is owned by a company called NextStar, which is in charge of everything that goes on. They even sent a specific sales person from NextStar to work in Elmira and keep an eye on everything. The main goal at WETM is to obviously to air the everyday news, but also help set up target markets for businesses to get out into the public and spread the word of what they are selling! I enjoyed the TV station and seeing what they have to offer to the marketing and promoting world. 

Photo By: Me
Photo By: Me
      Thursday was my favorite trip this week! We got to go to Tioga Downs Casino Racing and Entertainment Resort. They truly did an amazing job presenting to the class how they run their business and how they market for the community. They have their own marketing team which creates and run promotions throughout the whole casino. The marketing team tries to come up with ideas to get people to the Casino. They usually create a prize structure and write rules and submitting gaming commission. Some promotions they run is every Wednesday is senior day where seniors get to play free play and casino points. They talked about how important social media is for them, mostly Facebook, where they come up with a promotion for that day or weekend and puts on Facebook where most of their customers come from. The casino does a great job also promoting on signs around the property so while people are playing they see what is coming up next in their building! I really enjoyed learned about marketing in the entertainment industry! 

Photo By: Me
Photo By: Me

We had another great week of experiential learning! 
Thanks for reading! 

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