Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cuffee, H, Week 3

Hello, welcome to Week 3! We had a very busy week this week, hands down the busiest we have been all term. We had 4 field trips this week and they were all very wonderful and they were great learning experiences. 

Tipping Point Communications, Rochester, New York
On Tuesday, we went to an ad agency, Big Spaceship, in Brooklyn (Dumbo) where we saw how an ad agency can work with a company to get information to try to advertise to consumers. Their most important work was when they made videos to persuade millennials to vote. After, we went to NBC Studios and saw how the company set up lighting and how they aired their popular shows for the viewers to make sure they stay engaged. This visit might have been my favorite of the whole week. It was also cool to do our own little NBC Late Night show. 

On Thursday, we went to Tipping Point Communications and visited another ad agency to see how they use social media to get their names out there to their clients. Their main client was Wegmans, as Wegmans is a very big franchise in Rochester. Once we left TPC, we went to visit the Buffalo Sabres, where we saw the biggest TV in all of North America! We also got the chance to go into the visiting locker room, as well as see some more of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on at the facility. After we left the Sabres, we visited the Canandaigua Wine Festival where we heard great live music as well as ate great samplers from a catered food truck outside the event. 

Our last trip of the week, was to Watkins Glen International. We met with the marketing executive to see how their racetrack was marketed to the people. I loved how they allow people to stay overnight in rooms, and be able to camp, and also how they have many different events like car shows and wine festivals to attract different types of people to see their beautiful racetrack. 

Overall, I loved this week. I wish we could do it over again and experience the wonderful places we went to. 

Until next week! 

Henry Cuffee III

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