Monday, May 14, 2018

Mattice, J, Week 3

Welcome back for another blog, this one for Week 3 of Entertainment, Media, and Sports Marketing. It was our busiest week of the term and it was for sure the best one. We are now over the halfway point of the term. We started off the week with 3 class facilitators, and then we went on 3 other class trips.  The 3 facilitators were Kyra, Marissa, and Kianna. They all did a really nice job of presenting and helped us understand the readings for the books.

Our week then took off from there as we went to New York City. We met with an Elmira Alum that is now working at Big Spaceship. We were given a tour and a presentation on how things are run at Big Spaceship.
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
We then went to NBC studios and were able to get a behind the scene tour. We were able to see how everything was run and it gives you a different perspective then what is seen on TV. We also were able to make our own mock TV show.

Thursday we went on another exciting trip. This time we started off the day with a trip to Rochester. We met with Barbara P. and Todd C. at Tipping Point communications. We did a small Q&A at the beginning to figure out what it is we wanted to get out of the meeting. She then answered any questions we had and it was a productive meeting. 
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
After that we went to the Keybank Center in Buffalo and were given another behind the scenes tour of the arena. We also had a sit down presentation and were able to find out what they did from a marketing standpoint. We got to see the away teams locker room and got to sit in the executive suits.
Photo taken by Professor Wolfe
We then had a quick pit stop on the way home and stopped at the New York Kitchen and were able to try out some of food on their opening day. It was overall a very exciting week and I am excited for the last remaining weeks of class!

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