Monday, May 14, 2018

Pierce, K, Week 3

Hey bloggers! Week three was a fun filled and busy week of many experiential learning experiences. 

The first trip we made was to New York City, we first stopped in Brooklyn where we toured a marketing agency called Big Spaceship, here we met with Olga who was an Elmira College alumni. She gave us a run down on all the important messages and mission statement that they act on to give their customers the best possible results! 
Image Credit by Alison Wolfe 
We next took a trip to NBC Studios, where we were able to get first hand experience on how my favorite shows and news stations were produced. Here I not only gained an understanding of how production of a show is played out but also how much goes into creating and marketing a show. Unfortunately we were unable to take any pictures on the tour, but the experience itself was enough of a memory to last.

After all of that we were able to go exploring in the city on our own. Just by walking through the busy streets, I was able to see the importance of marketing. Due to all of the people and how crowded it is, marketing is key for standing out and creating success. One major area that we explored was Time Square, here is where I saw all the big advertisements that demonstrated the companies and businesses that wanted to promote and expose their product or service. All the giant bill boards and tv screens that showed the ads really grabbed my attention and made me realize all of the money and effort put into being a successful business. Along with our exploring we also saw the Rockefeller Center and Madison Square Garden, the city is a busy and bustling place that from a marketing standpoint that brings in a lot of revenue, although NYC is an interesting and cool place, the city is not a place for me. 

The next trip we took was to Rochester where we meet the production team of the marketing agency of Tipping Point Communications. Here we learned what went into the marketing of specific brands and products. We then went to my home town of Buffalo, NY where we explored the Key Bank Center. Here we got a backstage look of the arena that helped me gain a better understanding of all of the work that requires to produce a great event. We then concluded the tour with a wine tasting and that was a very interesting experience by allowing the company to show off their products and location. 
Image Credit by Alison Wolfe 

Image Credit by Alison Wolfe 

Unfortunately I could not make the Watkins Glenn International trip, but upon research the track is a great experience that should be visited. 

Until next week! 
Kacie Pierce '21

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