Monday, May 7, 2018

Pierce, K, Week 2

What's up bloggers! We are onto week two of term III, time is moving fast! This week was full of exciting facilitators, guest speakers, and an awesome experiential learning experience. 

This weeks guest speakers highlighted the importance of marketing and how it relates to all aspects of the community. 

Beginning with introducing Mr. Robert Cassetti, Senior Director of Creative Strategy and Visitor Engagement, discussed the importance of understanding the needs and wants of consumers. Here were some highlighted key factors: 

  • Marketing plan of marketing --> visitation -->revenue. 
    • This model represents the motivation, experimentation, and passion the museum wants to advertise about their mission
  •  Twenty-five years ago the museum was declining and needed a change. The change was successful due to Mr. Cassetti who came on the marketing team and made it his mission to change the face of CMoG
    •  His common goals was “Be the shining star in our community” (Robert Cassetti). 
  • Focused on was the budget rule created on people, place, and programs, all of those needed to be balanced in order to be successful. 
  • Since then the CMoG is named Top 5 museums in New York, and it is the only one not located in NYC.
  •  Focused on data
    • By looking at zip codes they were able to split the year into six different parts meaning all different demographics
All of this information demonstrated how Mr. Cassetti took his marketing background and knowledge and turned the resume around! 
Image Credit by Alison Wolfe
The class was also lucky enough to have guest speaker Mr. Paul Burke; Senior IP Counsel, Law Department, Corning Incorporated. . His discussion followed the guidelines and content of the book Entertainment Industry by Mark Vinet. Some major key points that Mr. Burke highlighted include: 
Image Credit by Alison Wolfe
  •  All copyright things require a fee
    • example sports team apparel or even college has to have a copyright and with that there are fees to allow that right to stay with the sport team or college 
  • Trademark is defined as “a word, picture, symbol, design, logo, shaping of goods or combination of these, used to distinguish the services or wares of one person or organization from those of others in the market place” (Vinet, 2017, p. 15). 
  •  So why should Corning care about trademark? 
    • “The challenge for Corning was taking our diverse business- each with their own unique brands and taglines- and making one brand and tagline that represents who we are” - Paul Burke 
Transitioning we took a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass. This was a wonderful experience not only to see all the beautiful glass work but also where the class  got to meet Robert Cassetti who talked about the marketing aspect of the company. Arriving at the museum, we were taken on a tour of the building getting to observe the history of glass up to contemporary pieces. In between that tour we were also lucky enough to see the process of glass blowing. Next the class was able to create and sandblast a glass to keep, this little process demonstrated a very interesting technique done in the studio. Also saw the local glass blowers working in the studio which created a connection and understanding of the hard work and dedication put into glass blowing and art.

These pieces represented the historic glass work: 

Image Credit by Kacie Pierce
Image Credit by Kacie Pierce

Image Credit by Kacie Pierce 

 Next demonstrates the work of contemporary glass art:

Image Credit by Kacie Pierce

Image Credit by Kacie Pierce

Image Credit by Kacie Pierce
This week was a great learning experience, and my personal highlight was the Corning Museum of Glass! 

Unit next week! 
Kacie Pierce '21

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