Sunday, May 13, 2018

Stamp, B, Week 3

Welcome back to my Term 3 blog for MKT 3915!

This week was incredibly action packed. On Tuesday we visited New York City. Our first stop was the Big Spaceship digital marketing agency in Brooklyn. Once there, we met with an Elmira College Alum that works in marketing strategy there. 

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She discussed the methods used by the company to spot digital trends, and help their clients capitalize on them. They described a trend in trend in "challenge videos" that the firm noticed on, and helped develop a board game that would cater to the demand for "challenges". 

Photo Credit: Myself
Photo Credit: Myself 
Photo credit: Myself

The class then toured the Comcast Building, located at 30 Rockefeller Center. The tour guides there explained the difficulties involved in producing live news coverage. We even were able to see one of the judge chairs from The Voice! 
Photo credit: Myself

On Wednesday, we took a journey to Rochester, New York. Once there we visited the Tipping Point Communications marketing agency. The president of the organization discussed the value that can be found in qualitative research, such as focus groups. The presentation actually occurred in a focus group room!

We then enjoyed lunch at the Harbor Center, before touring the Key Bank Stadium where the Buffalo Sabers play. It was incredible to see the amount of corporate advertising that is throughout the stadium.  

Finally, the class visited Watkins Glen International, in Watkins Glen, New York. While there Chris and Jose discussed the challenges involved with hosting Nascar once a year. The race track also rents the track space out to private clubs during the week when large races aren't being held. The advertising around the track was also a topic of discussion. 

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